Why You May Put on Weight During Your Next Trip to Cambridge

Take a walk through the centre of Cambridge, from the Quay Side to the Catholic Cathedral. It's just under a mile and should take approximately twenty minutes. During those twenty minutes you will pass 52 food outlets. A recent article in Cambridge News highlighted a trend which is seeing restaurants and cafe's replace small shops. Add to the 52 eateries the cafés, coffee franchises and restaurants tucked away in side streets and the corners of The Grand Arcade and Grafton Centre; as well as is in John Lewis, Waterstones – even the public library – and Cambridge is pretty much wall to wall coffee and cakes now.

Emma, the character in my book, “Overweight So Whose Fault is That?” found herself running the gamut of food outlets, not just in Cambridge but also on her commute to London. First the local rail station with its coffee and pastry kiosks then Kings Cross, which now resembles the food hall of a department store. Finally, the journey from the underground station to her office; once again past branches of Costa, Starbucks and Café Nero. More than once she arrived at work carrying a second breakfast.

While the Queen thinks all of Britain smells of fresh paint the rest of us live with ubiquitous aroma of freshly baked pastry, coffee and fried bacon. As an increasing amount of shopping is done on line the gaps in Cambridge city centre will no doubt be filled by ever more food outlets. And that stroll along Bridge Street and Regent Street could see us putting on the calories rather than losing them.

Cambridge's Coffee and Burger mile:-

Left hand side of street

Las I Gunas
Cambridge Nine Merchants
Chinese Canteen
Café Rouge
Cote Brasserie
The Baron of Beef
The Mitre
Bella Italia
Patisserie Valerie
Costa Coffee
Pret a Mange
Grill Cambridge
Cafe Milano
Pizza Hut
Gourmet Burgers Kitchen
Café Sicilia
Nanna & Curry
De Laca
Prince Regent

Right hand side of street

Teri – Aki
Crepe Affair
All One Bar
Charlie Chans
Daniel Steaks
Pizza Express
Seven Days
@72 China
Sea Food Shake
BHJ Oriental Restaurant
90 Cocktail Bar
Authentic Turkish Restaurant
The Olive Grove
Old Bicycle Shop
The House