Cambridge Nutritionist Pens Novel ‘Overweight – So Whose Fault is That?’

Press Release

Cambridge UK 21/04/2016: Cambridge-based Nutritionist, Susan Krueger, has written a novel describing a working woman’s struggle to control her weight. During the healthcare conference she has organised Emma, already confused by the conflicting advice on diet and nutrition, is subjected to a year’s worth of health scares in the space of one afternoon. She had to run the gauntlet of pop-up food vendors during her commute from Cambridge into London. Lunch started with sandwiches on the run and ended with snacks from the conference buffet bar. (The queen thinks the world smells of fresh paint – for Emma it’s coffee, freshly-baked bread and bacon.) She knows there won’t be time to cook in the evening and will make do with a ready meal; letting a food company decide how much sugar, fat and salt she needs as part of a balanced diet. However, with each presentation comes a growing realisation that her trust in these companies is misplaced. The conference becomes a journey along the full length of the food supply chain until the discussion moves on to body image and fat shaming and finally to personal responsibility. Perhaps, after all, the problem isn’t between the field and the plate but in the last 12 inches of the journey – between the plate and Emma’s mouth. ‘Overweight – So Whose Fault is That’ is the debate we should be having about our relationship with food told as a compelling story.