I had noticed Susan's advert for her weight loss programme, Your Food for Life, in our village magazine for a few months; I don't know what made me look at her website and then call her but I am very glad I did. I was coming up to 65 and I wanted to be healthier, fitter and feel better about myself and how I looked and Susan's programme seemed to be something that would help me achieve that.

I had had years of dieting and on and off attendance at slimming clubs but whenever I managed to lose weight I always ended up heavier than before. The twelve weeks of one-to-one sessions with Susan gave me the tools to break out of the cycle of dieting and weight gain and helped me change years of wrong eating habits.

The sessions worked in two ways. For me rationality is important and Susan gave me rational, scientifically-based information about portion control, the different food groups and the importance of eating from each group, menu planning and exercise. Secondly Susan helped me to understand my feelings about food, including by making me think about things in my childhood that might have affected those feelings. She helped me recognise and deal with emotions associated with food and eating. In doing that I am gradually managing to change habits.

Because of the information and tools given to me in the twelve sessions I have been managing weight loss on my own, with occasional support from Susan. I have never felt that I am on 'a diet' or that I am depriving myself and missing out on holidays, parties and treats. I still have some way to go but I now understand that it takes time to establish new habits and not to lose weight too quickly as the body needs to adapt slowly.
My weight has gone up slightly over Christmas but I no longer panic and give up. And I do feel better, I have gone down two dress sizes and friends and family notice and compliment me on how well I look. I know I will succeed!

30 December 2016